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Postage Saver Promotional Calendars

This series of Postage Saver Calendars is designed specifically to take advantage of large letter rates. Size, shape and weight are all carefully planned so that your branded calendar is economical to post.

There's a choice of attractive subjects with bold and colourful images from across the range of calendars, including British scenery depicted in photographs or in watercolour paintings, exotic places from around the world, and special interest titles such as supercars and cartoon humour. Choose from calendars with either six images and two months to view or our 13 page calendars with a month on each page. With our folding calendars, the central wire appears in the middle of the calendars meaning the leaves are easy to turn and it hangs without distortion. A heavy weight backboard protects your calendar in the post and doubles as a strong hanging device. All our Postage Saver Calendars have memo space to add notes and appointments ensuring these designs are both practical and economical.

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Top Selling Calendars

Some of the most popular calendars from our collection.